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Enfinite Solutions Limited was incorporated in 2007 with the sole aim of helping businesses solve operational challenges through technology. At Enfinite, we provide a digital legal platform for all organizations in Kenya (and soon across Africa) that run legal operations (i.e. law firms and in-house legal departments) with a set of tools to help them manage their business better, save time and cost, which increases the overall efficiency of the organizations.

Running a law firm or an in-house legal department is incredibly complicated. At the same time business process automation has widely been embraced as a solution for ensuring efficiency in most businesses. With over 80% of law firms in Kenya and generally across Africa operating manually, we have a lot of inefficiencies in every process across the organization, and decision making takes a long time.

Empowering growth through business solutions.

Through our portfolio of premium products – WakiliCMS, EliteLaw, EliteLegal, EliteContract, EliteGRC and LawAnalytix, we strive to make sure that law firms and legal departments are ran efficiently to minimize costs, increase profits and improve decision-making criteria. Our solution development strategy is to make your operations more efficient through innovations that empower you to:

  1.  Effectively respond to customer needs
  2.  Get fast access to business intelligence
  3. Reduce operations cost

This in return leads to improved customer satisfaction, fast and informed decision making and overall business growth.

Our Vision

To attain global recognition in the software development domain, especially in areas of Legal Practice Management, and Business Intelligence Reporting.

Our Mission

To develop, deploy and support comprehensive, innovative, easy-to-use and affordable business solutions, which provide the highest level of integrity in both our products and our relationships with our customers and employees.

Our Objectives
  • Provide reliable, efficient and cost effective services in the world of Information Technology.
  • Put a turn-around to the latent state of Information Technology in the country today.
  • Advice our clients on how to take advantage of I.T. services to better their day-to-day operations
Our Values
    1. Business Integrity: Our desire to stick to our commitments whatever the cost.
    2. Focus on Client Business: We conduct in-depth interviews and discussions with our client to determine their operating procedures and business needs. This helps us to meet the objectives and expectations of our client.
    3. Technology Oriented: We enable your business with the right technology chosen from our vast technology pool. Our extensive exposure to the latest technology trends and various industry domains helps us to meet the specific requirements of your business.
    4. Dedication to Client Success: We believe in establishing long term business relationship with our clients, and exceed their expectations through win / win solutions.
    5. Commitment to Excellence: We constantly seek for feedbacks from our clients, employees, and investors. It enables us to serve our clients in a better ways. In short, we strive to be the very best that we can be.
    6. Learning: Constant change is a reality. Our plan is to thrive on it.
    7. Community: Our responsibility to build and enrich the community in which we operate.


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Meet The Team

George N. Njoroge

Co-Founder & CEO

George brings over 10 years of business and technology experience to the company. George has knowledge of and experience with web-based systems and technologies, communication software and technologies, databases, information systems audit, systems integration, change management, project management, risk & issue analysis, accounting, end-user training, Windows and Linux operating systems.

David N. Njoroge


Mr. Njoroge is a Partner at a law firm, a Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and a registered Patent Agent of the Kenya Intellectual Property Institute. He heads the Labour Law Training team of the firm.