Services - Enfinite Solutions Limited

Software Customization

We understand that not every customer uses our software in the exact same way. Thus, we provide software customization that allows for modification specific to each customer’s copy of the software license.

With customization, standard features can be adapted to a clients’ specific needs or requirements. Additionally, features can be added (or removed) per clients’ needs. Existing features can have new configurations and updated logic applied to them.

Using our products allows for the peace of mind of knowing you are not stuck with a static software solution that is unlikely to meet your needs over the long term.

End-User Training

A successful software implementation must have well trained users who understand they are the most import part of the system. You can have the greatest software around, but it is not worth anything unless users are trained and made part of the team effort to implement and run the software successfully.

We train the organization’s staff members to understand the importance of their role in using the software. A user that feels that they are beneficial to the company and are part of the overall team effort will have a share in the common success of the software.

We understand that users have a unique perspective that can only come from real life experience using the software every day. They will be the first to notice problems or come up with ideas to make the software better, easier, more efficient, and help them meet expectation. Users ideas and suggestions/ feedbacks are fully appreciated and used to make improvements to the software.

Software Support

Software support is an ongoing service that ensures the maintenance of our custom software solutions. This service includes fixing bugs, resolving queries, developing new features and code updates.

Our comprehensive software support includes:



Regular software maintenance in line with best practice recommendations to ensure smooth integration with your existing business processes.


Feature updates

Our support team logs new feature requests, which can be prioritized and developed in future software releases.


Bug fixing

Our support team logs issues promptly, and where fixes are needed, we aim to deploy these within an agreed SLA response time.


Data management

With our solutions hosted in our online servers, we manage the data integrity while you maintain ownership of the data.

Assistance During Financial Audit:

Our law firm management software products have in-built financial modules and reports. During the yearly financial audit exercise, we assist internal and external auditors and accountants to leverage the most out of the software and present valuable insight about the firm’s finances.