EliteLegal - Matter Management Software for in-house legal officers


EliteLegal offers legal departments with a variety of features and modules that will provide a simple way to manage files, outside legal counsels (law firms), progress and file bring-ups, fee notes and quotation from outside legal counsel, budgets and legal spend management to name but a few.

EliteLegal offers …

A simple, powerful and secure way to manage your legal department. It offers a variety of features and modules that will provide a simple way to manage files, external law firms, progress and file bring-ups; fee notes and quotation from law firms, budgets and legal spend management.

Corporate legal departments are faced with many unique challenges and obstacles, especially when it comes to technology. Their concerns are distinct and different from that of law firms so standard law firm technology solutions are not always a perfect fit. Unlike law firms, corporate legal departments are part of a bigger enterprise and must operate under a different set of rules than private law firms which can change how information is handled.

As legal costs for corporate legal departments continue to rise, and the volume and complexity of the legal department’s workload increase, legal officers must identify new ways to control their legal cost and manage potential risk without compromising on departmental efficiency.

Why EliteLegal

Simplify how lawyers and legal staff work by automating business processes and streamlining access to the information that legal staff need.

Easily and securely collaborate and share knowledge among internal team members and with external law firms.

Drive down legal costs, improve spend predictability, and make better sourcing decisions for legal work.

Gain visibility into legal matters, costs, risks, and operations and benchmark yourselves against peers to identify opportunities for improvement.

Increase efficiency of your legal department than ever before even as your legal staff handle more matters.

Provide better services to your clients by responding more quickly to inquiries with the matter information available at your fingertips – no need to track down the paper file.

EliteLegal Features

Keep proper records of clients & Law Firms with whom the organization deals with.

Open and manage files and assign files to legal officers & law firms.

Tracks file progresses, bring-ups & court attendances.

Send and execute internal (other staff) & external (law firms) instructions.

Automate creation of document using document templates.

Central storage of all documents using the Document Management Module (DMS).

Receive fee notes from law firms for services rendered.

Manage legal budgeting & spending.

Print management reports including billing & spending comparative reports, average hourly rates report etc.

Record and manage all items of Intellectual Property (IP) using the IP Management module.

Use the Whistle Blower Management to record and track company violations.