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WakiliCMS is an all-in-one law firm management software designed for mid and large law firms. It offers all you need to run a law firm from client registration to billing and payments, with powerful tools to manage clients, files, requisitions, documents, invoices, calendars, financial management and reporting, and Human Resource management. NO QUICKBOOKS REQUIRED


EliteLaw is an all-in-one, simple, easy-to-use solution for small law firm (typically 10 users or less). It provides the tools you need to increase efficiency, and scale your firm’s operations. Whether it’s contact or file management, calendaring, document management, reporting, billing and invoicing, or collecting payment, EliteLaw has it covered. NO QUICKBOOKS REQUIRED


EliteLegal offers legal departments with a variety of features and modules that will provide a simple way to manage files, outside legal counsels (law firms), progress and file bring-ups, fee notes and quotation from outside legal counsel, budgets and legal spend management to name but a few.


EliteContract offers a simple, powerful, and secure way for you to get your contracts under control, eliminating the risk associated with poorly managed documents. Have all your contracts in one place, access them instantly from anywhere, get automatically notified of key dates and tasks, and uncover insights about the clarity of your contracts.


EliteGRC is our Governance, Risk and Compliance software which consolidates your GRC program on a single online-based platform, helping you reduce risk, maintain records and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Now our clients can eliminate time-consuming processes and be prepared for ever-changing regulations.


LawAnalytix is a software that integrates with your existing practice management software to provide data analysis, business intelligence, and financial management services to law firms. With LawAnalytix, you can track your client growth rate, revenue growth rate, financial ratios, and much more! The LawAnalytix team provides ongoing support to help you analyze your data and make informed decisions for your business.