LawAnalytix - Data analytical software for the legal industry


Integrate LawAnalytix with WakiliCMS our law firm management software and track your Client Growth Rate, File Growth Rate, Billing Realization, Collection Realization, Staff Turn-Over, Financial Ratios, and much more!

LawAnalytix is a cutting-edge platform for managing every aspect of your law practice. With LawAnalytix, you’ll be able to track your client growth rate, revenue growth rate, and other financial ratios. It integrates with your existing practice management software, so you’ll never have to switch programs again. LawAnalytix also has analytics tools that let you analyze data in an easy and convenient way. The ROI of LawAnalytix is high, so it pays for itself in a short amount of time.

Why LawAnalytix

Improve on Efficiency

With increased ability to gather large amounts of data at a quicker rate and visually representing it, firms can make informed decisions to help achieve specified goals. It helps at building a company culture of efficiency and teamwork in which employees are able to share in the decision-making process.

Predict Future Trends

Future trends can be predicted based on the company’s current and historical performance. These predictions will enhance decision making for maximum outcome.

Smart Decision Making

The relevance of a business is solely based on decisions. Effective decisions help in ensuring and fostering growth as opposed to ineffective decisions. Therefore, providing properly analyzed data appropriated conclusions can be made from it. With the correct analysis, we eliminate the errors that arise as a result of decisions made with no support.

LawAnalytix Features 

Case Analysis Platform

Gain insights to court cases (criminal / civil), case a judge has presided over, case outcomes, average case durations, etc.

Get the client growth rate with a futuristic growth prediction.

With the high pressure to minimize costs of the legal services, improvements and changes to the firm’s cost structure and accountability is key.

Client to File Billing Ratio

The ratio illustrates cross-selling success and indicate that the firm is doing a good job at fostering the relationship.

The firm performance can be analyzed in terms of the practice areas. Observing and analyzing practice areas gives the firm an opportunity to review the current performance in order to plan the firm’s future.