Our ATM, Mobile and Agency Banking application is used by banks, micro-finance institutions and SACCOs to connect to a new or existing ATM network. It also allows clients to transact over their mobile phone or through an agent.

BankMa$ter works as…

interface with an institution’s main system.

It connects to the main system to credit or debit a client’s account liaising with information captured over the ATM machine, Mobile Phone or Banking Agent POS terminal when the client transacts.

Supports ATM, Mobile banking and Agency Banking.

Interfaces with an institution main system through the network to credit or debit customer’s account.


Performs automatic reversals of transactions.

Backs up all transaction at end of day.


Very fast with an average of 4 seconds per transaction.

Supports normal cash as well as VISA transactions.

Handles POS transactions

Incorporate mobile payments - MPESA .


Enquiries - Balance, mini statement, full statement.

Financial services - Cash withdrawal, bill payments, cash deposit

Perform mobile top-up.

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